Operation & Maintenance

The O&M Services market for the solar sector is growing along with the boom in installed capacity. We have an experienced team which can take care of the Monitoring, Reporting, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Facility Management & Protection of the solar plant We have developed our own in house software & O&M Procedures manual to take care of the Monitoring. Inventory, Performance data etc. of the various plants across India .

“PV solar plants present a unique challenge with regard to site security compared to other types of facilities Ground-mounted solar plants are often in isolated locations and can span large areas,”. “The fact that they are mostly unattended forces O&M providers and asset managers to rely on Manual security, which can be challenging. As a result, it is imperative that cost-effective deterrence measures on the site are used in order to minimize potential risks.”. For example, perimeter security is the primary focus for ground-mounted arrays. However, this may not apply to many roof-mounted systems where the building itself conceals much of the system and provides a level of security.

O&M Site Head

Senior Electrical Engineer, who is one-point contact, accountable and answerable to all activities of O&M work to client and sends regular reports to client in the aligned format. He will supervise and manage following team’s activities

Preventive Maintenance

Monitoring & reporting of Plant Performance (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly energy generated as per expectation) using SCADA & direct/remote monitoring system. Visible inspection and electrical checking of PV modules, SCB/SMB, Inverters, Transformers, LT/HT panels, cable and connectors; initiating/supervising preventing action to keep them in good conditions. Check the tightness Module fixing to Module Mounting Structures (bolts and nuts, cover all bolts & nuts 4 times in a year). Ensuring enough quantities of tools & consumable available in good conditions. Maintenance of records warranty cards, calibration certificates of equipment, vendor contract agreements

Breakdown Correction and Security Team

Handle all minor and regular breakdown correction works. Check & report the availability spares and tools required for break down correction of all major equipment. Responsible for providing Security during day and nights to protect plant from theft and intruders. One supervisor during day and one supervisor during night are one-point contact for all security related matters, they are responsible and accountable.

Module Cleaning and Grass Cutting Team

Responsible all PV modules cleaning. Twice a month for all modules in summer, less frequent during rainy season on need basis. Responsible for Modules area clean and neat for easy access to breakdown correction work, grass cutting of maximum of 6 times in a year, more during the rainy days and less in a summer.

Custom Built O& M Software

This is a custom built software which is cloud based for the various sites to upload the Generation reports, FIR etc. and can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Facility Maintenance Team

General maintenance of solar plant fencing, roads, Inverter room, Control room, Streetlights, electrical and plumbing arrangements, RO plant (as applicable), Site store/s,

O&M Site Specific Manual

This O&M site manual & best practices guide is designed to improve solar asset transparency for investors, for quality management, and reduce transaction costs in the solar asset securitization process. This O & M Best Practices manual is site specific & intended to outline the requirements for running the plant effectively